Here are a few things no-one ever tells you about the Newlywed phase . . .

. . . Filming over 1600 Wedding Videos in 35 years gives you an insight on what happens to you AFTER you get married . . . Read On - AT YOUR PERIL !

do you feel different


People will ask you "do you feel Different?" You probably won't.


Saying 'my Husband' or 'Wife' will feel weird and alien in your mouth. But it's still 100% better than " Fiance ", which always made you sound like a douchebag.


If you've changed your Name, you'll realise it's actually a massive pain. It's not just your passport you have to change. Set aside an entire month for this hell to begin.


You'll see your New Name pop up on Facebook, get confused, and be like - who the heck is this? So will all your friends.

You'll laugh at all the dumb things you argued over when Planning the wedding


You'll laugh at all the dumb things you argued over when Planning the wedding. Like those lavender burlap Napkins and mason jar Favours no-one gave two damns about, on your tables.


You'll do your back in carting all those bridal magazines you bought to the recycling bin. You'll mentally tot up how much you spent on them and feel a bit sick.


When your other friends get engaged, you'll try REALLY HARD not to be a wedding know-it-all - and probably FAIL


You'll be a bit sad you're not the Centre of attention any more.


Tumbleweeds will blow across your Pinterest board and Facebook page.

Don't have your wedding video looking like this - hire a professional like Gerry Duffy


You'll wish you booked a Wedding Video. Unless you booked a Cheapo Amateur - and then you will REALLY wish you had booked a Professional Videographer ( like Gerry Duffy ).


Getting your wedding Photos will be absolutely amazing - but you will spend half the time worrying about your 'fat arm' in that one photo.


Then you'll get Over it when you see how happy you look in all the pics.

rediscover your love affair with doughnuts and pints of wine


If you were on a crazy Wedding Diet, you will realise that was a totally mad idea and rediscover your love affair with doughnuts and pints of wine.


You will have an awkward encounter with someone who was drunk and inappropriate at your wedding.


You will become a wedding day bore at work - saying 'when I got Married' as a reference to literally anything that happens.


You will no longer treat other people's weddings as fact-finding missions. And enjoy them for what they are - an excuse to celebrate love and get drunk with your friends in the daytime.

Weddings and honeymoons are expensive


You will be penniless. Weddings and honeymoons are expensive. You will be forced into the 'honeymoon period' because you literally can't afford to go out - but it will still be wonderful.


You will look at your new spouse asleep in bed at least three times in the first week and think "OmigodImmarriedthatperson". In a nice way of course.

People will start asking you when you're having KIDS


People will start asking you when you're having KIDS will want to stab them with a fork.



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