Andrea Bocelli Surprises Bride

Famed Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli went undercover for "Good Morning America" to surprise a couple at their New Jersey wedding.

Andrea Bocelli has performed around the world but it was in New Jersey that he gave one unsuspecting bride the surprise of her life on her wedding day.
Bocelli went undercover with "Good Morning America" to deliver the surprise.

"I like to do these things," Bocelli told "GMA" prior to the surprise. "I like to give my voice like a present because my voice is a present from God to share." This past Halloween, Bocelli traveled to Mahwah, N.J., where Michele Walsh and Ales Dolinar were preparing to tie the knot in an afternoon ceremony.

Dolinar was aware that Bocelli was about to surprise the love of his life, adding to his jitters early on his wedding day. "Keeping the secret was probably the worst part about getting married right now," Dolinar said. Only the groom, the priest, the wedding photographer and the bride's mother knew that Bocelli would be performing at the wedding.

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The couple's priest, Fr. Kevin of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Mahwah, told "GMA" he was skeptical when Dolinar told him that Bocelli would be dropping in on the wedding. "I said, 'Ales, I'm kinda thinking this is a scam,'" he told "GMA."

Bocelli sang the couple a song from his new album, "Cinema." The song, "Sorridi Amore Vai," was used in the 1997 movie, "Life Is Beautiful," with Roberto Benigni, which happened to be one of the couple's favorite movies. "As soon as I heard his voice, there's no mistaking who that is and I was just shocked and surprised," Walsh said. "I think I'm still in awe. It was amazing." "It was the best wedding ever," she said.