Baby Carriage is the latest "Wedding Must Have"

A couple in Manchester were inspired to make new Wedding Carriages after wanting to include their baby daughter Darcy in their own wedding.

After having one of the four-wheeled contraptions made for their own wedding, they are now hiring them out for other couples to take advantage of.

Wedding Baby Carriage

As well as being drawn down the aisle, usually by a bridesmaid, there is space for toys to keep the baby occupied and the carriage acts as a great centrepiece for photographs at the reception.

The carriages, which cost £150 to hire, are dispatched around a week before the ceremony and can be personalised.
Colette Bourke said: “It has really captured the attention and imagination of a lot of couples who are engaged saying it was a gorgeous product, incredibly cute and a must have at their wedding.

Wedding Reception Carriage

“There have already been many bookings made off the back of the show – including one in Ireland which shows the scope of the idea.
“We’ve only just started but we’re already looking at expanding into providing Carriages for pets at weddings because of the response we got from people who wanted to include their dogs in their wedding.”

Baby Carriage

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