Baby’s X-ray solves mystery of mom’s missing wedding ring

Baby swallowed his mom’s diamond wedding band

"My wife couldn't find her wedding ring yesterday," a Seattle father explained "We decided to have our baby x-rayed just in case."

An accompanying x-ray indeed showed a ring inside a very wee tot. The 14-month-old boy is fine after eight hours under observation at a children’s hospital, the dad assured. A GI doctor said the best tact was for the parents to simply wait for the bauble to re-emerge naturally.

"Ah, it's ok. He's a pretty funny little dude," posted the dad, "S--t happens. Hopefully soon, with diamonds."
The "passing" could take as long as two weeks, the dad bemoaned. "He eats well and is pretty regular," he informed "We're hoping to find it sooner than later. In the meantime, digging through EVERY diaper will be a lesson not soon forgotten.”

The baby likely swiped the ring from the bathroom counter Wednesday morning, the dad wrote.

The family - mom, dad, and the two brothers ages 5 and 7 - are now all pitching in to keep an eye on baby Brady and his “movements.”

"At first they were concerned, but now they think it’s pretty funny," the dad, a portfolio manager, said of the helpful siblings. "When they can smell that there’s something to be inspected they let us know that there’s one in the oven.”


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