Bride can't cope when Nathan Carter surprises her

A bride-to-be gets the surprise of her life when country singer Nathan Carter, serenades her at his concert.

Nikki's fiance Ian has arranged for Nathan to sing her his love song 'Good Morning Beautiful' and tell her the date of their wedding at his concert.

The moment featured on an episode of Don't Tell the Bride in which garda Nikki, from Mayo, has relinquished all control over her big day to Ian, who hails from Dublin.

Mechanic Ian impresses her with the Nathan Carter stunt, but she wasn't quite so taken with the rest of his plans.

There were tow trucks, racetracks, donuts and hand-break turns, clowns, bridesmaids in black, a boat and wedding suits featuring the Batman logo.

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He also planned the reception in the Garda boat club.

It's a far cry from Nikki's hopes of a castle, princess style ball gown, and lots of pink . . .