Brides Dad does a SIGN Language tribute at his daughters wedding

Watch this Dad bring the Bride to tears as he surprises her on her wedding day, with the results of his 12 months of hard work

We've all seen Dads singing at weddings - but this video is a Dad signing for his daughter. The bride is a sign language interpreter and was amazed that her Dad spent 12 months learning SIGN Language for this amazing tribute to his girl on her big day.

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We all know that dear old Dad is a very important part of a woman’s wedding day.

It’s never easy for a Dad or a woman’s father figure to give away his “Little Girl” to the man she loves. One Dad wasn’t sure how to tell his daughter how much she meant to him on her special day, so he decided to do something extra special to let her know he will always love her.

Nicole Cortez posted this video on YouTube of her father signing the song “I Loved Her First” by the band Heartland. Although Cortez is not deaf, she is a sign language interpreter and was surprised and delighted that her Dad learned to sign for this amazing tribute. Cortez said on YouTube “This meant the world to me. He said it took him the entire year I was engaged to learn how to sign this song.” He did a great job and you could see how it even moved him to tears to perform it for his daughter.