Maid of Honor Parodies 'Ice Ice Baby' with Epic Wedding Toast

This maid of honor has taken the traditional out of wedding toast!

When it came to congratulating the newly married bride and groom during their wedding reception, maid of honor, Rachel Winterbottom, took things to another level.

The maid of honor-turned-comedic counterpart, stunned her bewildered sister-turned-bride with her truly hilarious sentiment.

Vanilla Ice should be proud. Before the bride's big sister, and wedding speech superhero, took the stage for what will now be considered as one of the most epic wedding raps ever, it was clear that her wedding toast transformation was going to be unlike any other.

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Winterbottom, who is first seen in the captured wedding video (above) debating her different options for the traditional wedding toast, couldn't help but point out the bride's love for all things music.

Before long, the hilarious maid of honor wowed the crowd with her four-minute rendition of Vanilla Ice's iconic single, "Ice Ice Baby," which eventually had the entire room of cheering guests on their feet.

Winterbottom's hilarious lyrics couldn't help but put a beaming smile on the faces of the outwardly stunned bride and groom. The much-deserved standing ovation turned out to be the perfect finale to the incredible non-conventional speech.