Video to DVD

Convert VHS to DVD

Convert Video to DVD, Wedding VHS to DVD

Where is your Wedding Video Casette right now ?

When did you last Watch your Family Holiday tapes ?

Many attics and junk rooms are treasure troves of family memories and long forgotten mementos. When is the last time that you checked where all your Old Videos are ?

Remember VHS videos are becoming obsolete and it will become increasingly difficult in the future to find video equipment to even view your priceless video memories. Video tapes lose their quality over time, so ensure that your memories are not lost forever. Gerry can copy a single video camera cassette onto dvd, or a suitcase full of happy memories, for much less than you might think it will cost.

The cost to convert video to DVD is dependant on the Duration or Running Time of your tapes. You do not need to send any payment with your tapes. Once they are transferred to DVD, Gerry will then confirm with you how much footage was on your tapes, and you can then settle your bill by Cheque, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer.

Convert Video to DVD, Wedding VHS to DVD

You can simply POST your Video Tapes of your; Wedding, Holiday, or Camcorder footage to his Dundalk studio, and he will return them to you within a few days, along with your brand new DVDs.

Videos are transferred on an Hourly Rate - just call 0872586400, for your Free quotation, and Gerry will then arrange a courier to collect your Video Cassettes, or you can Post them direct to his video studio in Thomas Street, Dundalk.

Check to see if there is Mould on your videos

Transfer your home videos from VHS to DVD Transfer or Tapes or Camcorder Cassettes to DVD and you will protect your family history, because video tapes are now showing their age, and problems are appearing. Look inside the plastic windows of your videtapes; if you see a White Film of dust on the inside of the cassette, then you have a problem starting.

Videotapes from the late 80s and early 90s are now appearing with this White Dust, which turns into a Mildew; and destroys your videos forever. Once this mildew forms on your tapes; they will not play ever again. So if you are looking for where to transfer video to dvd, then now is the time to call Gerry Duffy and have your home movies professionally transferred from old VHS or Camcorder cassettes onto DVDs, and preserve your precious family memories.

VHS to DVD Transfer

What can be Converted or Copied from VHS to DVD ?

He will convert Standard and Super VHS tapes to DVD.

Gerry can copy Video 8 and Hi-8 videotapes onto DVD.

He regularly copies Mini Camcorder Cassettes (Mini DV) to DVD.

He converts your SD, XD, Compact Flash, USB, Memory Sticks onto DVD Discs.

He can also duplicate the latest Hard Drive camcorders and burn them onto DVD.

We Can Transfer All These Video Formats to DVD Disc

Many parents have recorded videos of their families, only to find that they are not playable after 10 years. Transferring them to DVD will allow them to be viewed by many future generations of your family. But time is of the essence; VHS video tapes will fade, and grow mould over time. Even if you have discovered that your tapes have grown a film of white or green mould; get them to Gerry immediately . . . he may still be able to save them, and the replacement DVD's will last for years.

Copy your favourite Holiday Videos, 18th and 21st Parties, Christenings, School Sports days, Picnic or Family days out, Graduations, Anniversary, Sporting events and Wedding VHS to DVD. In fact anything on film, tape or camera that you want to preserve.

What Will It Cost, How Can It Be Delivered ?

Your video transfers are based on an Hourly Rate - just call 0872586400, for your Free quotation, and Gerry will then arrange a courier to collect your Video Cassettes, or you can Post them to him.

You can arrange to drop your videotapes in to his Dundalk based studio, or Post them to Gerry. He will notify you when they are ready for collection, or alternatively he can ship them back to you; by either Registered Post or private Courier.

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