Convert VHS Video Tapes to USB or DVD

Convert VHS and Camcorder Tapes to DVD or USB from €20

Convert VHS Video Tapes to USB or DVD, Camcorder Tapes, VHS, VCR

You can now avail of a Special Offer until the of April 2023 that means you will receive a FREE Copy of your Video Tapes transferred onto DVD, with every USB you order before the 30th of April 2023.

Gerry Duffy will copy your VHS and Camcorder tapes onto digital USB or DVDs from as little as 20 euro per hour when copied onto DVD. The cost is simply dependent upon the total duration of the footage on each of your old VHS video or Camcorder tapes, and whether you request DVD or USB. All you need do; is POST your tapes using the Trackable PARCEL POST or Registered Post services from AnPost, and send your Tapes to: Gerry Duffy,
10 Thomas Street,
Co Louth,

BRING BACK FAMILY MEMORIES by having your old Camcorder Tapes copied onto USB or DVDs. Imagine the joy on your Kids faces as they relive those precious memories of family parties and holidays from when they were Soooo much younger... or better still watching your Parents shed a tear as they watch their own long forgotten Wedding Video !

Transferring VHS to DVD is a popular request, but many clients now want their old Camcorder Video tapes converted onto digital USB as well. Gerry can also transfer your existing DVDS onto Digital USB Memory Sticks for you.

Copying tapes to DVD and USB memory sticks will preserve your treasured family video memories forever and because they will then be in a Digital format and you can then copy your DVDs and USB sticks onto your own computers at home to share with family and friends for free.

What does it cost for transfer onto USB and DVD ?

Some companies charge per Tape that you send, even if your tapes are not full. Gerry only charges you for the number of hours of Family Videos that are actually on your tapes, so you do not pay for old TV recordings on the tapes. Any tapes that are Blank are returned to you at NO cost.

Gerry will be delighted to explain everything to you in a quick chat by Phone or WhatsApp if you CLICK HERE to give him a Call on 0872586400, where he is available from 10am to 7pm daily. Alternatively, you can fill in the ENQUIRY FORM near the bottom of this page with any questions you may have about transfering tapes to digital !

What can you Copy to USB and DVD ?

Camcorder tapes come in many different formats from years ago. Gerry can transfer VHSc tapes, 8mm Cassettes, Video8 tapes, and Mini DV tapes onto digital USB or DVD. Gerry can also make copies of your own DVDs or even have your existing DVDs copied to a USB.

The old VHS video recorder that used to sit under your TV was sometimes referred to as a VCR and callers regularly ask for VCR conversions or want VCR tapes copied to CD.

It doesn`t matter if you call them VCR Tapes or VHS Tapes, or indeed if you are confused by CD copying instead of DVD transfers ... Gerry can provide ANY digital Video copying service you request including the transfer of VHS video tape to MP4 conversion.

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How do I get my Videos to you ?

Whilst some clients prefer to Hand Deliver their video tapes to Gerry's studio in DUNDALK - many others will send their tapes to him using Registered Post or the Trackable Parcel Post service from AnPost, by posting them to:
Gerry Duffy,
10 Thomas Street,
Co Louth,

You do not need to send any payment with your tapes. Once they are transferred to Digital Files for you, Gerry will then confirm how much footage was on your tapes, and you can settle your bill via Debit / Credit Card, or by Bank Transfer.

How long does it take to Convert videos to USB ?

Gerry will GUARANTEE your Video Tape transfers will be copied onto USB or DVD within just THREE DAYS and will then be ready for your personal collection or they will returned to you safely and securely by fully TRACKABLE PARCEL POST.

You can have a FREE QUOTATION today by Phone or WhatsApp if you CLICK HERE to Call him on 0872586400 or you can email Gerry on: and he will get straight back to you for a chat about Copying your Video Tapes.

Alternatively, you can fill in the ENQUIRY FORM near the bottom of this page with any questions you may have about transfering tapes to digital !

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Can damaged video tapes be saved if there is Mould on them ?

Look inside the plastic windows of your VHS videotapes or Camcorder cassettes. If you see a White Film of dust on the inside of the cassette, then you have a problem starting.

Videotapes from the late 80s and early 90s are now appearing with this White Dust, which turns into a Mildew; and will destroy your videos forever.

Once this mildew forms on your tapes; they will never play properly again. Gerry can check your tapes for Free, to see if they can be saved, and copied onto USB for you.

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