The Cost of an Irish Wedding

How much did couples spend on their wedding in 2021 ?

. . . Here are the results of the 2015 Annual Irish Wedding Survey from which is Irelands most respected Online Wedding Forum. They surveyed 2,407 Irish Brides & Grooms, which makes this the largest Wedding Survey carried out in Ireland. Ever !

How much did couples spend on their wedding in 2021 ?

As part of the research for the annual Irish wedding survey, they always ask the recently married couples what they spent on the various aspects of their wedding. Some brides will obviously spend less and some will spend more but this is just the average for what it costs Irish couples to get married.

Average spend by couples on their wedding in 2021 was €24,635.
(€24,635 including the honeymoon).


The most typical responses, in order, starting with the couples Biggest Regret:

"Should have booked a Professional Videographer to capture the day – because it goes by so fast"

"Should have allocated more budget to the photographer"

"Should have given a bit more time to the wedding photos on the day"

"Should have started getting organised for the wedding earlier"

"Shouldn’t have bothered with wedding speeches"

"Should have spent more time on the dance floor"

"Should have worn a different wedding dress"

"Shouldn’t have been as nervous & stressed in the lead up to the wedding"


December is by far the most popular month to get engaged (1/5th of all engagements). January is the least popular month, to pop the question.

The trend for shorter engagements is continuing. Two years ago, the survey revealed that the majority of couples were to be engaged for two years or longer. This year and last, the majority fall into; 13 to 18 months.

More than 1 in 4 couples now live together for more than 5 years before getting married.

Almost 1 in 4 couples who completed the survey DO NOT get married in church.

The most preferred number of bridesmaids is Three.

Country manors / exclusive venues are growing in popularity with 18% of couples opting to host their weddings there.

Approximate spend per head on the wedding meal falls between €41 & €60.

Typical number of guests seated for the wedding meal is 101 to 150.

Almost 1 in 7 couples are thinking about taking out wedding insurance. This has dropped slightly since last year which may be an indicator of increased consumer confidence.

Good news for nervous public speakers, having the wedding speeches before the meal is becoming increasingly popular. The preference for having speeches after the meal still takes the lead, but only just. We wouldn’t be surprised to see speeches beforehand taking the lead next year.

They asked couples how long, they were, or will be engaged

How long were you engaged

Couples are living together for longer before the wedding

how long did you live together

Church weddings are on the decline but still the most popular

is your wedding in a church

Three bridesmaids is the average for Irish weddings

how many bridesmaids will you have at your wedding

December is the most popular month of the year to get engaged

what month did you get engaged

The typical spend per head for the wedding meal is €61 to €90

how much will you spend on your wedding meal

On average, 101 to 150 guests are invited for the full sit-down meal

how many guests will attend your wedding

It’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to opt for wedding insurance just in case anything goes wrong.

do you have wedding insurance

The average spend on Irish weddings is within the €22k to €29k bracket.

what is your wedding budget

Traditionally, wedding speeches were usually always after the meal.

when will you have your wedding speeches

Country houses and manor houses are really growing in popularity in Ireland where they now account for about 1 in 5 weddings.

where will you hold your wedding reception