10 Questions Every Engaged Woman Gets Asked

You've got engaged, and while you're enjoying the warm fuzzy glow that comes with it, you will also face a few questions. You'll find yourself frustrated and sometimes furious, but keep your cool and remember they're only asking because they love you.

Check out these 10 frequently asked questions and how to deal with them.

1. When is the Wedding ?

You've just got engaged and have been in an engagement bubble, so you haven't even thought about planning the wedding yet. Just tell people that you're considering a few dates but can't say anything definite.

2. Have you started your pre-wedding diet ?

This question might seem rude, but plenty of brides-to-be hear it as soon as they announce their engagement. While some brides will try to tone up before the big day, it's not an obligation and it won't make your day any happier. Just smile and tell people you won't be changing your diet or exercise regime before the big day.

3. Have you considered this wedding venue ?

Everyone will have an opinion about your wedding, and people will have plenty of ideas about where and when you should have your wedding. Tell them you have some venues in mind and that should stop their questions.

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4. Who is paying for your wedding ?

This is nobody's business but your own, but people will ask so be ready for it ! You could make a joke of it and ask "Are you offering to pay for it?" or there's the simple "Why do you ask?"

5. Why did you wait so long ?

Not every couple feels the need to race to the altar, and they get engaged when the time is right for them. You can say that you were just enjoying being a couple or you wanted to wait for the right time, or you could just smile and not say a thing.

6. I'm invited to your wedding, right ?

This is a tough question to face, but it's one that lots of engaged couples get asked. It's often from people you might not want at your wedding, so never feel obliged to say "Yes!" You can try and deflect the question or say you are still in the early stages of planning. Good luck!

7. Will there be single people at the wedding ?

When you're just engaged, other than your close family, you will have no idea who will be at your wedding. Your guests relationship status isn't really a factor when you invite them, so just tell people "We haven't started our guest list yet."

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8. Are you taking his name ?

This is another personal question that doesn't have much to do with anyone else. Take his name or not - not everyone will be happy with what you decide to do, but they're not the ones getting married!

9. When can we expect the first baby ?

Slow down there! Bad news, this is a question you will hear again and again, and the less detail you get into the better. The easiest way to deal with this one is just to say "When we're ready."

10. Where are you going to honeymoon ?

Whoa! He just popped the question and now you're being asked about the honeymoon? There's a lot to do before then so just say "We haven't even though about it yet", but be prepared for the list of suggestions.

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