Memorial Tribute Videos

celebrate the life of a loved one

Why Would You Choose To Record A Funeral Video ?

Memories are the greatest possession we have, and a Memorial Tribute Video, reminds us of our wealth of memories.

Take a moment and Test Yourself.

What can you remember, from the last funeral service that you attended ?

Who could not be there, because of Travel or Sickness issues ?

What did the celebrant say; about the life and times, of the person who was being mourned ?

Can you remember anything that was said in the Family Eulogy during the Church Service or at the Cremation ?

If you cant remember details of that funeral, even though it was only recently; how much more of it will you forget as the years pass by ?

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How Can A Funeral Video Help With The Grieving Process ?

Sometimes it's not possible to attend a funeral in person. Family and friends may be unable to attend the funeral; for a variety of very valid reasons; Distance, Illness, Finances, Air Travel disruptions, or otherwise. That becomes a double tragedy for those people. Not only have they lost a Loved One, but they also coundnt arrive to pay their last respects either. But those same family and friends will have an opportunity to view the Funeral Ceremony at a future date, and grieve quietly in the privacy of their own home; IF you choose to record the Funeral Service on video.

Recording the service also allows children who are too young; to Understand what has happened, because it gives them the opportunity to view the service later in life though adult eyes. Many times the children of the deceased are ignored, or sheltered from the reality of the tragedy that is a funeral. But those same children will grow older, with no recollection of the wonderful things that were spoken of during the funeral, about their parent or sibling. Deciding today to record a video of the funeral, creates an ever lasting Memorial Tribute to those who have passed away. A memorial video also allows the Life History of the deceased; to be shared with friends and family around the world. They will get the chance to hear again and again, the wonderful things spoken about the deceased during the service and eulogy. Grief counselors agree that this is proven to help tremendously with the healing and grieving process.

What Is Recorded As A Memorial Tribute Video ?

Only the Church Service is recorded. This is done by Gerry in such a discreet way, that most family members and mourners will not even be aware of the camera, or the fact that the Funeral Service is being recorded professionally on video. Most times Gerry will record from the Choir Gallery in the church, so that mourners will not even see the camera. The graveside service is not attended, and therefore remains private, by not being recorded. Gerry will coordinate everything with your Celebrant and Funeral Director. All you need do is let your undertaker know that you want the funeral service recorded by Gerry on behalf of the bereaved family members.

When Will The Funeral Video Be Watched ?

The funeral video becomes a family keepsake for Generations to come. It assists in the natural grieving process and greatly assists with emotional healing. Older relatives and younger family members who are perhaps not yet born, will both see and hear the entire Funeral Service. This will be a wonderful way to remember a loved one and will become a tremendous help in dealing with one's loss. Being able to share a funeral or memorial service with someone who was not able to attend is truly special. Gerrys 39 years of experience, means that he is able to capture not only the service, but the Atmosphere of the service; to truly capture the essence of the day.

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Honouring A Persons Life Story with A Memorial Tribute Video

It is because of respect for the deceased, and concern for the living, that video is becoming an increasingly important part of the grieving process. Watching the Funeral Video lets the viewer re-live the celebration of a journey that is completed. Gerrys clients regularly tell him afterwards, that their grief was too great to allow them to appreciate all that was spoken of during the funeral. Many didnt even remember who all of those who attended the church to offer their condolences. Having the foresight to record the funeral, allowed them to acknowledge all the mourners and express their personal thanks in the future.

Gerry can also offer you a "Video Playback" during the Funeral Service. This is shown on Large LD Televisions or projection screens. These videos are known as Memorial Tributes, and usually consist of a montage of Photographs, depicting the life and times of the deceased, overlaid with a suitable music track. They generally run 4 to 5 minutes in lenth, and engage the congreatation in a emotional journey through their loved ones past

Another regular request is for Live Webcasting of the Funeral Service. These webcasts enable mourners who are abroad or unable to attend the funeral; to watch it live via the web. Gerry will broadcast the funeral service live, and will also record the service on DVD. This webcasting service is highly dependant upon the strength of signal available at your chosen Church or Funeral Home. Gerry will discuss all of tis with you, if you are interested in a Funeral Webcast.

Ask your Funeral Director to call Gerry, and he will arrange everything for you; Discreetly and Professionally.

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