Man Surprises His Princess With Disney-Themed Marriage Proposal

This woman truly got her fairytale ending after her boyfriend surprised her with an elaborate Disney-themed marriage proposal fit for a princess.

Jason Shoffman, of London, reimagined famous Disney film posters into significant moments throughout his relationship with Simone Golumb, and convinced her to come to a fake "exclusive Disney exhibition" in order to pop the question.

"I work in advertising as an art director so coming up with ideas like this is ingrained in me," Shoffman, 31, told ABC News. "I choose the Disney posters because I thought it's a great way to recreate something personal, but also make it recognizable. By that I mean, it ensured Simone could make the connection between the actual real life photo which she remembers and something she is passionate about -- in this case Disney."

The entire process took him about six weeks to create. He commissioned an illustrator to draw him and his bride-to-be from their original photos on different adventures they'd taken.

"I just choose pictures which I considered to be milestone events," said Shoffman. "The first date, first holiday, weddings, Christmas and New Year's all the way through to buying our first home together. They are significant moments in our lives, so therefore immortalizing them on canvases makes sense."

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When an unsuspecting Golumb arrived at the gallery on May 30, she had no idea her entire life was about to change.

"My favorite detail about popping the question was the little personal touches within every part of the design process," Shoffman explained. "On the tickets for the exhibition I had emailed to her in a fake email chain, I put the date we got together and the date of the proposal in the numbers under the barcode.

No one would ever notice unless I told them. Also on each poster the 'credits' involved the names of people, the locations and the date where it took place. So every poster was incredibly specific and personal. In my job and in life, I'm all about the attention to detail." He said he was more nervous of Golumb, 25, finding out about the surprise than the actual proposal.

"She is like a secret agent," he joked. "She knows everything that's going on all the time, and never misses a trick. So I was really happy to pull this off without her getting wind of it. I had all the real and custom Disney artwork delivered to a friend or my work place, to keep them away from our home.

Any work I did on the posters at home, I carried out after Simone went to bed. Otherwise I was attending to them during my lunch hours at work. The ring was hidden is a drawer at home Simone never goes into, as it's got a lot of my computer accessories. So I knew that was a safe hiding place."

Shoffman pulled off the immense surprise, and now the couple is planning to live happily ever after - as soon as they choose a wedding date in summer of 2018.

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