Welcome to the all-new Mr & Mrs Quiz for 2015!

Back in the 1970s there was a TV game show called Mr and Mrs, where the contestants were asked to answer questions about their partner. If the answers matched, they won! And this got us thinking - how well do you know your own husband or wife-to-be?

So just for fun, we've created an up-to-date for 2015 Mr & Mrs Quiz especially for you! Do the quiz with your h2b on a cosy night in. Or download and print, get the answers from the groom-to-be and then take it to your hen night - cue lots of giggles with the girls!

What's the one thing, apart from you that he'd save in a fire ?

What would he say is most embarrassing thing you've ever done ?

What's the name of his favourite celebrity crush ?

What's the most unusual place you've had sex ?

What would he say is your most annoying habit ?

What would you say is his most annoying habit ?

What's his favourite sexual position ?

Who would play him in a movie of his life ?

What's his favourite part of your body ?

What's your favourite part of his body ?

Where does your h2b want to go on honeymoon ?

How many children does he want ?

What year did you get together ?

Would you trust him to choose your wedding dress ?

How many times did he take his driving test ?

What's his favourite meal ?

Who wears the trousers in your relationship ?

What's his special name for you ? And yours for him ?

Would you rather spend an evening out with his parents or your parents ?

What's his favourite song ? And what would he say your favourite song is ?

What's the first movie you ever saw together ?

What's his favourite time of year ?

What were his exact words when he proposed ?

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mr & Mrs

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