Wedding Videos, What's Included ?

only pay for what you want in your Wedding Video by Gerry Duffy

Its YOUR wedding, so why should any supplier try to tell you what to do, or make you pick from an expensive list of Packages... it should be Your day... filmed Your Way. Gerry wont offer you a Package; he will sit with you and discuss all of your needs and wishes. Once you have both agreed on what you want recorded; he will then give you an accurate quotation for exactly that, based on a simple Hourly rate.Depending on the Distance involved in travelling to and from your Ceremony and Reception venues - a Travel Charge MAY apply, but this will be at a Deeply Discounted hourly rate

Some couples want the minimum fuss on their day, with a simple recording of their Church or Civil Ceremony. Other couples want everything recorded from they get out of bed that morning, until its time to go back to bed again. Gerry will personalise Your day in Your Way, from as little as 950 euro, to almost twice that. You dont even have to decide what you want recorded; until the day of the wedding itself. He is that flexible.

Filming can start by visiting either ( or indeed both ) of the couples homes if you so desire. Alternatively, many couples will ask Gerry not to visit their homes - and instead to start filming their guests arriving at the Church or Civil Ceremony venue. Gerry remains with you until you feel that you have recorded enough. For some couples this may be at the end of the Photo Shoot before the meal. Other couples want him to record until the end of your speeches; later that evening. Many families are so pleased with how discreetly Gerry operates; that they want him to remain into the evening's dancing to catch all the fun and frolics that take place during your Wedding Reception as your guests enjoy your wedding band or DJ.

What About Budgets And Payment Plans ?

For budget conscious couples; Gerry now offers a 0 % Easy Payment Plan, allowing you to budget in Monthly Installments. This means that by the time Your Big Day arrives; you have one less bill to worry about. It costs exactly the same as if you paid the traditional way, with No extra charges added

This payment plan has been created by Gerry, to make it easier for couples to have a professional wedding video, even though their wedding budget may not seem to allow for it. You simply decide how much you would like to pay per month; and how many months you would like to spread the payments over. You dont even have to pay the entire amount in advance of your wedding. Many couples extend the payments until after the wedding is over. There is No added interest, and No additional charges, providing it is fully paid within 12 months of your wedding being filmed. It is simply another option to make it easier to have what you truly deserve.

What Other Options Are Available ?

Gerry will be delighted to personalise your wedding in any way that you wish. You can discuss a huge array of additional options, when you meet.

Childhood Photographs at the start of your Wedding Video - this montage revisits you both in the early years

Honeymoon Photo Edit: Finish your wedding video, by showing off Your exotic honeymoon locations

Directors Cut: is a special 10 minute Edited version , very popular with friends and family who may not have time to watch the full length version

Your Wedding on Your Facebook Page: your Directors Cut can be converted into a web format to view online or on Facebook.

Mobile Phone Playback: your Directors Cut can be transferred to be played back on your iPhone or Android Smart Phone

Free Sample Wedding DVD