Epic Wedding Fails - One of our bridesmaids walked into a revolving door! . . .

. . . on Today FM's Louise Duffy Show - she talked about a man who wrote off a Ferrari he hired for a wedding - and she asked you... what are your epic wedding fails?
here are some EPIC Responses . . .


Hi Louise. At my wedding in April, my now father-in-law gave the longest speech I ever heard, about 40 mins I'd say. Then... he accidentally set it on fire.


Louise I was at a wedding two years ago when the father of the bride turned to his daughter during his speech and said "Mary when you got engaged to Sean, it was like getting a bicycle at Easter. You can't ride it until Christmas." I'm pretty sure a tumble weed rolled across the room at that point


Was at a wedding once when the groom's dad got so drunk he picked up a light candle and drank hot wax instead of his pint!


One of our bridesmaids walked into a revolving door


Picture this: at my friend's wedding, it's raining cats & dogs all day... we're at the drinks reception, I stumble & slip on very very wet floor... my drink goes everywhere... mother of bride & bride destroyed... red wine to make matters worse!! (Silence fills the room but all were more worried about me on my back :)


At my own wedding the best man after his speech got up and instead of saying let's all say grace he announced lets all "do" grace... not good!


Hi, my wedding disaster happened outside the door of the church. My wedding veil blew off just as I was walking into the church to go up the aisle. I had to run out of the church, and the photographer had to run down the road to try and catch it before it went over a cliff and into the sea.


At my cousin's wedding reception the priest had one too many wines, got on stage to sing a song and fell off the stage. We had to get a taxi to send him home.


The wife broke two bones in her foot dancing to "Cotton Eyed Joe". First night married spent in A&E with the mother-in-law. Missed the honeymoon.


Our flower girl puked into her basket of petals


My mum had to have the hat though it didn't fit her. She had dressmaker alter it. Now bear in mind she was mother of the bride. Very windy day and thankfully wide brimmed hat stayed on. Quel horreur when she found out she was wearing two odd earrings. She stopped en route at a jewellers to buy a pair matching as she tried them on realised hat was glued to her hair. Dressmaker had used glue!


My friend had a very fitted dress for her wedding tight bodice skirt taken in, she picked up her niece during first dance and her dress basically exploded giving people a view of her bridal lingerie...


My best man passed out in a lift... half in and half out... and ended up breaking the lift...



My sister-in-law was having her wedding in local castle as she and her new husband were signing the register and certificates, she passed the paperwork to the groom but accidentally lingered for a second too long over the candle they had lit a few seconds earlier and it went up in flames... As did the marriage three years later...

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