Romantic farmer makes grand wedding proposal to Northamptonshire girlfriend

. . .using weed killer on a field of crops

A charmer farmer from popped the question to his Northamptonshire girlfriend in an aeroplane - after using weed killer to spell out his proposal in a wheat field.
Rick Davies, 32, sprayed the pesticide from a quad bike as he rode through the crop to carve out his message.
He killed off an acre of wheat - worth around £600 - to write 'DI WILL YOU MARRY ME?' in huge letters.
He then took partner Diana Cull, from Holcot, Northamptonshire, over the 20-acre field in a flight won at a charity auction for £50 - and she wept with delight at the surprise and said yes.

A charmer farmer from popped the question to his Northamptonshire girlfriend in an aeroplane

Rick was doubly relieved because he carried out the work while his dad was away from the farm - and it meant his handiwork wasn't totally wasted.

He said: "I was really nervous about whether it was going to have worked. But it worked out even better than I had hoped."

"I used a weed killer that was sprayed onto a quad bike and I just spelled it out."
"But I had to leave it at least a week before we flew up, so I did it the week before the flight on May 4th."
"When Di saw it she started crying, but when she stopped she couldn't believe it had happened. Thankfully she said yes!"

"It was perfect, exactly what I was hoping for."
Rick, who met Diana two-and-a-half years ago at a dinner party, runs Newton Lodge farm in Clifton Reynes, near Olney, where crops are used to sell flour for Tesco bread.

He added: "My dad would have been pretty annoyed if she had said no. Hopefully he didn't mind what I did."
"Looking back I was more nervous doing that than I was when we went up in the plane. If it was a mess I would have been a bit of a laughing stock."

"No-one knew what I was doing, not even the pilot, so it was a big shock and he didn't really know what was going on."
Diana, 33, who works for the fraud department at Barclays Bank, said: "It was the most fantastic moment of my life and it was a big fat yes."
"I only have 51 weeks to wait until he's my husband. He is a very romantic farmer. I am the luckiest lady alive."
The couple plan to marry in July next year.

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