See 100 Years of Wedding Dress Styles in 3 Minutes

This short video "100 Years of Wedding Dresses" showcases styles from 1915 up until the present,

and while some styles are definitely not the best, there does seem to be an underlying idea that some aspects of bridal fashion are just classics.

100 Years of Wedding Gowns begins with a gown from 1915. The frock isn't exactly stylish by today's standards, but does have elements that you can clearly see have been translated into contemporary bridal looks. The lace veil is still standard in most wedding fashion, and the silky fluidity of the gown is reminiscent of current A-line silhouettes. While these modern elements may be visible in the antique gown, it's still easy to see that bridal style has come a long way.

From the high-neck, long-sleeved styles of yesterday to the plunging, sheer illusion necklines ruling bridal runways right now, this clip shows exactly what fashion-savvy brides were rocking in their respective decades.

The flowing or body skimming gowns appear to remain the dominant style in wedding dresses until you reach 1945 when a fitted dress with a gorgeous V neckline shows up to the bridal party. The look is totally classic with long sleeves and ruched bodice, and it's not hard to see that the dress could easily be worn today by a retro loving bride.

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Perhaps the biggest changes in wedding gown style occurred between 1955-1985 when bridal style went from tea length lace to extravagant beading and trains. The fluctuations were major with 1955's gown featuring what could easily be an ideal dress for a brunch reception and 1985's dress being an homage to every glittery, glitzy element you ever imagined for '80s fashion.

Following the foray into the '80s, the end of the video is near. Now, the simple, elegant styles of the '90s, '00, and today make their appearances. These gowns are marked by their classic, always-in-style ease.

And the best part? At the end of the Wedding Dress Styles video the bride walks away with her "Groom"- a woman… It is 2015, after all !

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